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About Us

   The success of building a brand goes far beyond buying and selling products.  The construction of a portfolio and credibility built through a brand begins with the construction of partnerships established through transparency, honesty and mainly flexibility, where the commercial and financial interests of everyone involved in the development of the business are valued and protected.

   With more than twenty years of experience in global business development, Globalmex Global Business develops product lines in different market segments, establishing relationships of trust and transparency with customers, suppliers and employees who together support the expansion of activities day to day commercials around the world.

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Global Sourcing
International logistics
Clearance and Distribution

Finding a trustworthy partner can make all the difference in the success of your operation, count on us on this journey

Importing can be a great strategy to stay competitive in the market and reduce risks, have you thought about it? Let's talk.

Exporting can be an interesting way to protect your capital and reduce your tax burden. How about a coffee?

Logistics risks are an obstacle in foreign trade, come talk to us, our experience can make a difference.

In continental countries like ours, China and the USA, distribution needs to be well organized. Clearance also so as not to affect the entire chain. We know the subject!

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