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The decision to import and export brings with it some challenges, including the choice of employees with technical and legislative knowledge, in addition to the experience to execute and manage all stages of the processes, from brand design and choice of suppliers, to final delivery. of the product with compliance with all tax and customs obligations.


Globalmex Global Business was created to execute and manage the entire import process, integrating all stages so that importers and exporters operate safely and efficiently in the international market.

Global Sourcing
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We are dedicated to learning about our clients' businesses. We identify the target audience, observe the competition and offer the complete development of product lines or specific products, together with the main factories in China and India.

We prioritize cost-benefit with each new project, as well as product quality.


Our experience shows us that at some point there will be a need to readjust the production, remuneration and commercial process, and we are ready to intervene in all phases of these negotiations, ensuring quality, punctuality and competitive costs.


We have direct relationships with more than two hundred factories from different segments, which supply our customers around the world on a monthly basis.

cargo loading

When importing, we execute and manage the commercial and operational stages of the processes:


  • We budget, fiscally classify (NCM) and calculate the final cost of each product delivered to the importer's factory/warehouse;

  • We manage our customers' order portfolio. We advise on international financial remittances, monitor the production and readiness of orders, in addition to carrying out quality inspections by issuing complete reports with photos and notes of possible discrepancies. At this stage we are able to identify possible flaws within the production process, which allows us to ensure one hundred percent of the quality of the products initially negotiated;

  • Contracting international and national insurance for imported products;


In addition to the commercial and operational stages, when necessary, we also advise importers in obtaining a license to import and sell products from the main Brazilian approval bodies such as Inmetro, MAPA and Anvisa.

International Logistics and Customs Clearance

Activities related to logistics and supply require special attention and dedication from companies in order to avoid delays and extra costs that could result in the loss of markup and market share of product lines.


This is why it is essential to carefully manage international cargo transport operations considering the main Incoterms: Ex Works, FOB, FCA, CFR, DDU, DDP.

  • We consolidate breakbulk loads from several suppliers in the main ports in China for LCL (Less Container Loading) shipments, in addition to FCL (Full Container Loading) shipments;

  • We coordinate the delivery of goods for shipment from exporting factories to the port of shipment, we consolidate several orders into a single batch, enabling logistical optimization and reducing import operational costs;​

  • We contract international transport, ensuring the shipment of orders at origin until arrival at the place of disembarkation at all ports, airports and borders in the national territory;​

  • Customs advice: tax classification, customs clearance, monitoring of laws and regulations regulating foreign trade;

  • Coordination of internal delivery and distribution logistics in all Brazilian states.

A crane lifting a container

Market analysis, contact with buyers and partners abroad for sales and commercial representation.

Work with chambers of commerce to prospect and facilitate business.


Management of legal and bureaucratic procedures such as issuing and checking documents, licenses, registrations and mandatory certificates. We mediate international payment operations, requests for guarantees from banks (opening a letter of credit) and the fulfillment of all obligations with them.

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