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The green-yellow force in exports

Agribusiness puts Brazil in the spotlight in exports

A study by the Ministry of Agriculture with projections for agribusiness in the next decade shows that Brazil will continue to be one of the largest food producers and exporters in the world, alongside the United States.

Brazil will account for 52% of world exports in 2030

The report points out that there will be strong pressure from the international market, especially in the areas of beef and pork, but that Brazil will continue to lead foreign chicken sales.

In this context, there will also be an increase in demand in the domestic market, mainly for grains. “In 2029/30, 50.4% of soybean production should be destined for the domestic market. In corn, it will be 69.0%, and in coffee, 56.6%. There will be double pressure on the increase in national production, due to the growth of the domestic market and the country's exports”, says the study.

According to projections, Brazil is expected to participate with almost 52% of world soybean exports in 2030. Other important participations expected are in chicken meat (35.3%), corn (23.2%), cotton (22.7%) and pork (9.7%).

Sugar will also be highlighted in the increase in exports next year, with shipments expected to rise from 15.98 million tons in 2019/20 to 25.23 million in 2029/30 (an increase of 57.9%), and cotton, with an increase of 41.6%. Corn exports are expected to increase from 34.5 million tons to 44.5 million (an increase of 29.1%).

Chicken meat should see an increase of 34.3% in exports and pork, 36.8%. Fruits also stand out, with an increase in exports of mango (57.6%), melon (47.6%) and apple (43.4%).

Source: Valor Econômico.

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